Brian Harrison




Brian Harrison acts as a consultant to Cameron Fleming & Asssociates Ltd. Brian was a partner in Allen & Overy, a leading international law firm for 23 years. Brian has worked in each of the leading financial centres of London, New York and most recently Hong Kong. He is now based in New Zealand

Brian has extensive experience in advising corporates, financiers, multi-laterals and governments in a broad range of industry sectors across many jurisdictions. He has:


  • Led and managed complex multi-jurisdiction transactions as part of senior advisory teams, having responsibility for overall corporate structures and governance, capital and debt structuring, analysis and advice on execution and risk allocation.
  • Extensive experience in all aspects of PFI/PPP finance and infrastructure, including structuring capital and debt allocations, analysis and advice on allocation of project risk and governance.Brian has led and been a part of advisory and management teams on the development of infrastructure projects of roads and rail and the more diverse privatisations of prison services, military applications (e.g. property (married servicemen's quarters) helicopter training facilities and military transport) and the divestment and operation of Whitehall Government offices.
  • Led teams on transactions in abroad range of industrial and technological sectors including telecommunications, electricity, energy, infrastructure, ports and rail in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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